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    Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

    Réalisateur : Iginio Straffi

    Distributeur: Paramount Home Entertainment et Nickelodeon Home Entertainment

    Disponible dès maintenant

    Date de parution: 7 août 2012

    En anglais seulement

    Prix: 18,99 $
    Disque 1: The secret of the lost kingdom, le film
    Disque 2: Bonus episodes
      Épisode 1:The Wizards of the Black Circle
    Wizards of the Black Circle try to abduct Bloom. The Wizards find out Bloom is not who they are looking for, and they leave Alfea with a threatening determination.

    Épisode 2:Fear in Pixie Village
    When the Winx learn about the dangers of the Wizards of the Black Circle, they set out to protect the last fairy on Earth. To find out where the fairy is, they go to Pixie Village. There, they help the Pixies rid Piff of a haunting nightmare monster.

    Épisode 3:Winx on Earth
    The Winx move to Gardenia to find the last fairy on Earth. In order to earn money, the Winx open Love and Pet, a magic pet shop. Their new furry friends help plant the seed of believing in magic on Gardenia.

    Épisode 4:Magic Pets
    Business at Love and Pet picks up, but there’s trouble with the Specialists when they learn the Winx have made some new, handsome friends.  The fairies have other matters on their mind, though, as they race to find the last fairy on earth.

    Épisode 5:Orgon’s Spell
    Chaos ensues at Love and Pet when the Wizards of the Black Circle turn the pets into monsters. With the Specialists by their side, the Winx try to turn the pets back to normal without wreaking havoc on Gardenia.

    Épisode 6:A Fairy Found
    The Winx discover the last fairy on earth, a young girl named Roxy. They face off against the Wizards of the Black Circle to protect Roxy, but they quickly learn that their Enchantix powers are not strong enough to win.

    Épisode 7: I Believe in You
    When people on Earth start believing in magic, the Winx obtain Believix, a power that will help them defeat the Wizards of the Black Circle. When the Wizards put Roxy in the Black Portal, it’s up to the Winx to stop them.


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